Traceability … the cornerstone of customer trust

“The demand for tracing our seafood supply is twofold, firstly to meet regulatory obligations and secondly to provide our customers and end consumers with the confidence of knowing that their seafood has come from a trusted source.”

Your product’s journey can be easily traced from its ‘ocean’ of origin right through to its delivery to you and your consumer’s plate.

The growing demand for traceability …

barcode scanner and fish

With the growing global demand for seafood has come the growing concerns about product sourcing.

  • Has the product been fished legitimately?
  • Is it labelled correctly?
  • What about its quality?

These are all concerns that must be addressed. At JLR, we take our responsibility for providing full and transparent traceability of our products from proof of origin, through our processing value chain and culminating in its distribution very seriously.

“We employ innovative and robust systems to support full traceability”

Confidently Meeting Regulatory Requirements

There are a significant number of regulatory requirements we must meet throughout our supply chain. These include source certifications, quota and compliance regulations and labelling.

“Traceability is at the forefront of food safety”

With supply chains becoming more complicated, governments around the world are increasingly striving to ensure full traceability to protect public health from foodborne illness outbreaks and recalls.

Increased regulation to protect the public is being introduced and as a seafood supplier we must continually rise to the challenge of meeting these regulations. In so doing we can minimise risk to the public and we can ensure trust in our brand and our customers’ brands is maintained.

“Employing effective systems and innovative technology allow us to meet these challenges.”

With our systems and technology we can reduce the risk of recalls and act quickly if the need should arise to minimise the size of any recalls by:

  • Tracing the problem back to its source
  • Isolating the problem quickly
  • Preventing any further contaminated products reaching consumers
  • Keeping the public informed

Confidently Meeting Customer and End Consumer Requirements

Increasingly our customers and end consumers want to know that

“their food comes from a trusted source.”

Our measures to ensure full traceability of our products ensures we earn the confidence and trust of our customers and end consumers in them.

Moving forward confidently with JLR

As an innovative company, we constantly strive to ensure we achieve greater accuracy, efficiency and traceability through our supply chain. With our systems and technology we are able to identify areas of our processing cycle that can be improved and are constantly transforming our business with these improvements.

This ensures that you can have

“total confidence in the premium quality sustainable tropical seafood we deliver to you.”

“Contact us to find out how JLR Fisheries can support you in delivering the highest quality sustainable seafood to you and your customers.”


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