Sustainability … how we meet the challenge

sustainabilityJLR Fisheries is a sustainable fishery. We fully comply with the appropriate national and international legislation and treaties. In particular, the Fishing and Marine Resources Act of Mauritius and its respective amendments. Our fishing vessels are licenced by the Ministry of Fisheries. Our fishing is monitored by the VMS system for the recording and auditing of fishing quotas. Our fish processing plant and import/export permit are regulated and monitored by the Rodrigues Regional Assembly.

“With growing demand for seafood across the globe, we take our responsibility for fishing in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, that protects the species and the environment, very seriously and it is always at the core of our business.”

This is nothing new for us. We’ve been fishing this way for generations.

How We Fish Today And Take Care Of Tomorrow …

A Philosophy that supports Sustainability

“Fishing today while taking care of tomorrow”

our traditionThis philosophy was passed down to us from our forefathers, who fished to feed the people of Rodrigues Island, in the Indian Ocean and at times saved the people of the island from starving during times of famine on the land.

Since 1848, the Raffaut family has fished the pristine waters around Rodrigues Island. Since that time many things have changed, however, the philosophy of our business holds as true today as it did over 150 years ago, which is to deliver the highest quality seafood to a person’s plate in a sustainable manner.

“Respect for our ocean, our fish and our people”

The fish didn’t have to travel too far from ocean to plate in those days. Our forefathers relied on the ocean for their daily sustenance and understood the need to care for their environment, the fish stock and people. They respected the ocean, the fish and the people and we carry on that tradition today and into the future. It is this respect that has been passed down the generations and remains at the foundation of all we do at JLR Fisheries.

In the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, a long way from anywhere, many miles from the nearest inhabited islands and 100 miles off Rodrigues, with no industry or land nearby …

“the seawater is pure and so are the fish we catch.”

JLR fishing grounds 300x200Our fishing grounds of more than 1.9 million square kms extend from the coast of the Island of Mauritius, Rodrigues, St Brandon (Caragados Carajos Shoals), Agalega, Tromelin. In addition, we can fish 350,000 square kms on the Saya de Malha bank. JLR Fisheries also has the possibility to fish in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Seychelles.

“Our fishing ground is one of the richest in the world”

The Indian Ocean provides us with access to the truly amazing fish species that can be found in its pristine water. As we hold multi-species fishing rights we can fish for Pelagic, Demersal, Cephalods and Crustaceans.

“We fish in accordance to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) guidelines.”  

Working in partnership with a small team of high-profile scientists, who are EU and UK experts in the field of fishing management and monitoring, we have a Fishery Improvement Plan (FIP) in preparation that aims to find innovative solutions to protect our fishing environment and maintain our fisheries. When choosing what and where to fish, we consider biology, ecology, economics and social behaviour. Our programme of sustainable fisheries management delivers social, ecological and economic benefits.

The fishery is under the jurisdiction of Mauritian law, Fishing and Marine Resources Act & the Rodrigues Regional Assembly local Legislation and, through these, is compliant with regional, national and international agreements. The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) is the regional body managing tuna stocks in Rodrigues waters. We also adhere to the Conservation and Management Measures (CMMs)

Rotation of fishing grounds and species supports Sustainability

Our extensive fishing grounds and multi-species fishing rights enable us to fish for different species in different areas throughout the year. Our core values revolve around not only the maintenance of the target species but also the species they interact with and the surrounding ecosystem.

“This allows the species to repopulate naturally”

Thus ensuring the sustainability and quality of the species we fish for.

Fishing methods that support Sustainability

“Our fishing methods vary depending on the species being fished.”

long line fishingWe work hard to minimise the impact on Endangered, Threatened and Protected (ETP) species, for example seabirds, turtles and elasmobranches such as sharks and pelagic rays, by the use of lines with fast-sinking, integrated weights and circle hooks. Pelagic and Demersal fish are always line-caught by long line or drop line.

Only large circle hooks are used on our lines to ensure that fish are caught alive and to protect birds and turtles from being caught in them. The setting of the line and hooks is done automatically by machine and the hauling of the line and hooks is done quickly to ensure that birds do not get caught in them. We also use fast-sinking weighted lines which sink quickly, before birds can reach the hooks.

“Only adult fish are caught to ensure fishing stocks can grow”

lobster potsPrawn and lobster are caught in traps while squid is caught by jigging. Big mesh traps are used to ensure that only adults of the species are caught. Juvenile and small species can easily move away from the trap. Caught females with eggs are always returned to the sea.

Octopuses are hand caught by licenced local fishermen and we buy their catch from them. Octopus fishing is regulated during the year to protect the species. At times throughout the year octopus fishing will be prohibited.

How We Fish Today Does Take Care Of Tomorrow …

One of our key emphases is the sustainable utilisation of living marine resources. We recognise the importance of maintaining the species we fish as well as the environment that these species are dependent on. To do this effectively requires consideration of the biology, ecology, economics and social behaviour of the species and their environments.

We are working hard to remain at the forefront of sustainable fishing practices. The full social, ecological and economic benefits that fisheries can offer will only be realised through the careful adoption of these holistic sustainability practices.

We also help to employ and educate Rodrigues inhabitants, reaping ecological and economic benefits for the island for future generations.

Our business is founded on:

  • A philosophy that supports Sustainability
  • Rotation of fishing grounds and species that supports Sustainability and
  • Fishing methods that support Sustainability

Our foundation gives us confidence that we can meet our responsibility for fishing in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner for centuries to come.

“Contact us to find out how JLR Fisheries can support you in delivering the highest quality sustainable tropical seafood to you and your customers.”


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