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Red Snapper:

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“Our Red Snapper is freshly processed and kept on ice for the best possible flavour”

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red snapper

We fish, process and distribute Red Snapper. It is available throughout the year, however, as we rotate our catches and fishing areas to ensure sustainability of the species the fish on offer may vary. Availability will also be dependent on weather conditions and the time of the year.

Red Snapper:

redsnapper_psiFamily: Lutjanidae

Size: 2kg+

Presentation & Packaging: All Red Snapper products are supplied chilled, frozen or dry salted. Steaks, fillets and portions are vacuum packed. Whole fish are headed and gutted. Delivered in polystyrene box with ice.

sustainability traceability

Our philosophy of fishing Sustainably and with full Traceability underpin all our Fishing activities.

“We fish in accordance to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) guidelines.”

Working in partnership with a small team of high-profile scientists, who are EU and UK experts in the field of fishing management and monitoring, we constantly strive to find innovative solutions to protect our fishing environment and maintain our fisheries.

“Our fishing methods vary depending on the species being fished.”

drop line fishingRed Snapper are fished environmentally and with the collaboration of our scientist by long line or drop line. Only large circle hooks are used on our lines to ensure that fish are caught alive and to protect birds and turtles from being caught in them. The setting of the line and hooks is performed automatically by machine. Weights are integrated into the line that cause it to sink immediately; before any diving birds can get to it. The line and hooks are hauled onboard quickly to ensure that birds do not get caught.

Our boats are 15 metre boats designed to fish in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. The boats will go out for approximately 10 days at a time.

“Once on board not a minute is wasted and the processing of the catch begins …”

The Demersal Species we fish, process and distribute include Grouper, Red Snapper, Sea Bream and Emperor.

Mediterranean Red Snapper

Mediterranean Red Snapper

Red Snapper baked in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, capers and black...

Mediterranean Red Snapper

Other Demersal fish are sometimes available. These include :

Latin Name English Name
Epinephelinae family Groupers nei
Lethrinidae family Emperors nei
Lutjanidae family Snappers, jobfishes nei
Sparidae family Porgies, seabreams nei
Aprion virescens Green jobfish
Cephalopholis aurantia Golden hind
Cephalopholis sonnerati Tomato hind, Tomato rockcod
Cheilinus trilobatus Tripletail wrasse
Elagatis bipinnulata Rainbow runner
Epinephelus chlorostigma Brownspotted grouper
Epinephelus fasciatus Blacktip grouper, Redbanded grouper, Redbarred rockcod
Epinephelus hexagonatus Starspotted grouper
Epinephelus magniscuttis Speckled grouper
Epinephelus merra Honeycomb grouper, Honeycomb Rockcod
Epinephelus morrhua Comet grouper
Epinephelus multinotatus White-blotched grouper
Epinephelus retouti Red-tipped grouper
Epinephelus rivulatus Halfmoon grouper
Etelis carbunculus Deep-water red snapper, Ruby Snapper
Etelis coruscans Deepwater longtail red snapper, Ruby Snapper
Gymnocranius grandoculis Blue-lined large-eye bream, Rippled barenose
Lethrinus harak Thumbprint emperor
Lethrinus mahsena Sky emperor
Lethrinus nebulosus Spangled emperor
Lethrinus rubrioperculatus Spotcheek emperor
Lutjanus bohar Two-spot red snapper
Lutjanus fulvus Blacktail snapper
Lutjanus kasmira Common bluestripe snapper
Lutjanus sanguineus Humphead snapper, Blood snapper
Lutjanus sebae Emperor red snapper
Mugil cephalus Flathead grey mullet, Flathead mullet
Polysteganus baissaci Frenchman seabream
Pristipomoides filamentosus Crimson jobfish, Bluespotted Jobfish
Pristipomoides zonatus Oblique-banded snapper
Rhabdosargus sarba Goldlined seabream, Silver bream
Sargocentron diadema Crown squirrelfish
Scarus ghobban Blue-barred parrotfish, Yellowscale parrotfish
Scarus russelii Eclipse parrotfish
Variola albimarginata White-edged lyretail
Variola louti Yellow-edged lyretail, Moontail seabass

Nom latin Nom français
Epinephelinae family Mérous nca
Lethrinidae family Empereurs nca
Lutjanidae family Lutianidés nca
Sparidae family Dentés, spares nca
Aprion virescens Vivaneau job, Chien vert
Cephalopholis aurantia Vieille dorée
Cephalopholis sonnerati Vieille ananas
Cheilinus trilobatus Labre À Queue Triple
Elagatis bipinnulata Comète saumon
Epinephelus chlorostigma Mérou pintade
Epinephelus fasciatus Mérou oriflamme, Loche rouge
Epinephelus hexagonatus Mérou mélifère
Epinephelus magniscuttis Mérou grandes écailles
Epinephelus merra Mérou gâteau de cire
Epinephelus morrhua Mérou comète
Epinephelus multinotatus Mérou plate grise, Vieille plate grise
Epinephelus retouti Mérou à bout rouge
Epinephelus rivulatus Mérou demi-lune
Etelis carbunculus Vivaneau rubis, Vivaneau Rouge
Etelis coruscans Vivaneau flamme
Gymnocranius grandoculis Empereur tatoué
Lethrinus harak Empereur Saint Pierre, Bossu taché
Lethrinus mahsena Empereur mahsena, Bossu
Lethrinus nebulosus Empereur moris, Bec de cane
Lethrinus rubrioperculatus Empereur Honteux
Lutjanus bohar Vivaneau chien rouge, Anglais
Lutjanus fulvus Vivaneau queue noire
Lutjanus kasmira Vivaneau à raies bleues
Lutjanus sanguineus Vivaneau têtu
Lutjanus sebae Vivaneau bourgeois
Mugil cephalus Mulet à grosse tête, Mulet Cabot
Polysteganus baissaci Denté guingham
Pristipomoides filamentosus Vivaneau Blanc, Colas fil
Pristipomoides zonatus Vivaneau Rayé, Colas bagnard, Jaunet du large
Rhabdosargus sarba Sargue doré
Sargocentron diadema Écureuil Diadème
Scarus ghobban Perroquet barbe bleue, Perroquet À Écailles Jaunes
Scarus russelii Perroquet éclipse
Variola albimarginata Croissant queue blanche
Variola louti Croissant queue jaune, Rouge grand queue

Nombre latino Nombre español
Epinephelinae family Meros nep
Lethrinidae family Emperadores nep
Lutjanidae family Lutjánidos nep
Sparidae family Dentones, sargos nep
Aprion virescens Pargo verde
Cephalopholis aurantia Cherna dorada
Cephalopholis sonnerati Cherna piña
Cheilinus trilobatus Vieja florida
Elagatis bipinnulata Macarela salmón
Epinephelus chlorostigma Mero pintado
Epinephelus fasciatus Mero banderilla
Epinephelus hexagonatus Mero mielero
Epinephelus magniscuttis Mero bacalao
Epinephelus merra Mero panal
Epinephelus morrhua Mero cometa
Epinephelus multinotatus Mero de lunares
Epinephelus retouti Mero punteado
Epinephelus rivulatus Mero medialuna
Etelis carbunculus Pargo rubí
Etelis coruscans Pargo de llama
Gymnocranius grandoculis -
Lethrinus harak Emperador San Pedro
Lethrinus mahsena Emperador mahsena
Lethrinus nebulosus Emperador relámpago
Lethrinus rubrioperculatus -
Lutjanus bohar Pargo de dos manchas
Lutjanus fulvus Pargo rabo negro
Lutjanus kasmira Pargo de rayas azules
Lutjanus sanguineus Pargo cabezón
Lutjanus sebae Pargo imperial
Mugil cephalus Pardete
Polysteganus baissaci Dentón guingán
Pristipomoides filamentosus Panchito hebra
Pristipomoides zonatus Panchito rayado
Rhabdosargus sarba Sargo dorado
Sargocentron diadema -
Scarus ghobban Loro barba azul
Scarus russelii Loro eclipse
Variola albimarginata Mero rabiblanco
Variola louti Mero luna creciente

Nom Latin Nom Local
Epinephelinae family Vieille
Lethrinidae family Capitaine
Lutjanidae family Vivaneau
Sparidae family Gueule Pavée
Aprion virescens Vacoas
Cephalopholis aurantia Vieille Safran
Cephalopholis sonnerati Maman Rouge, Vieille ananas
Cheilinus trilobatus Madame Tombée
Elagatis bipinnulata Carangue Saumon, Cateau saumon, Prodigalson
Epinephelus chlorostigma Vieille de fond, Vieille pintade, Pinto
Epinephelus fasciatus Vieille Rouge
Epinephelus hexagonatus Vieille Voleuse
Epinephelus magniscuttis Vieille Badai
Epinephelus merra Vieille Grise, Vieille voleuse
Epinephelus morrhua Vieille la Boue
Epinephelus multinotatus Vieille plate
Epinephelus retouti Ananas
Epinephelus rivulatus Folle Folle
Etelis carbunculus Sacré Chien Rouge
Etelis coruscans Sacré Chien Grand Queue
Gymnocranius grandoculis Capitaine Grosse Tête
Lethrinus harak Battardet, Berriblanc, Alibek, Lorin
Lethrinus mahsena Dame Berri
Lethrinus nebulosus Capitaine, Créole
Lethrinus rubrioperculatus Kaya, Baxou, Caya
Lutjanus bohar Vara vara
Lutjanus fulvus Bordemar
Lutjanus kasmira Madras
Lutjanus sanguineus Vivaneau têtu
Lutjanus sebae Bourgeois
Mugil cephalus Mulet Voilé, Grey mullet
Polysteganus baissaci Gueule Pavée Dorée
Pristipomoides filamentosus Sacré Chien Blanc, Bigorneau, Cancrelat
Pristipomoides zonatus Bigorneau, Cancrelat, Vivano
Rhabdosargus sarba Gueule Pavée
Sargocentron diadema Lion
Scarus ghobban Cateau Bleu, Robinne
Scarus russelii Cateau Vert
Variola albimarginata Croissant Queue Blanche, Vieille Mulâtresse
Variola louti Croissant queue jaune


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