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“Our Lobster is freshly processed and kept on ice for the best possible flavour”

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We fish, process and distribute Lobster. It is available throughout the year, however, as we rotate our catches and fishing areas to ensure sustainability of the species, the fish on offer may vary. Availability will also be dependent on weather conditions and the time of the year.


lobster_psiFamily: Palinuridae

Size: 1kg+

Presentation & Packaging: Our Lobster products are supplied chilled or frozen and are packed in ice.

sustainability traceability

Our philosophy of fishing Sustainably and with full Traceability underpin all our Fishing activities.

“We fish in accordance to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) guidelines.”

We constantly strive to find innovative solutions to protect our fishing environment and maintain our fisheries and will be working in partnership with a small team of high-profile scientists, who are EU and UK experts in the field of fishing management and monitoring,

“Our fishing methods vary depending on the species being fished.”

trapsLobster are caught in traps. Large mesh traps are used to ensure that only adults of the species are caught. Juvenile and small species can easily move away from the trap.


“Once caught not a minute is wasted and the processing of the catch begins …”

The Crustacean Species we fish, process and distribute include Giant Prawn and Lobster.

Lobster with garlic butter

Lobster with garlic butter

Nothing goes better with lobster than garlic butter, and lots of it.

Lobster with garlic butter

Names for our Crustaceans include:

Latin Name English Name
Aristeidae Aristeid shrimps nei
Palinuridae Spiny lobsters nei
Nom latin Nom français
Aristeidae Gambons,crevet. aristeidés nca, gambas
Palinuridae Langoustes diverses nca
Nombre latino Nombre español
Aristeidae Gambas aristeidos nep
Palinuridae Langostas diversas nep
Nom Latin Nom Local
Aristeidae Crevettes
Palinuridae Homard


“Contact us to find out how JLR Fisheries can support you in delivering the highest quality sustainable seafood to you and your customers.”


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