“Using sustainable fishing methods ensures that we not only catch the best quality of fish we ensure the future of the cephalopods species in our waters and protect the ocean, other fish species and sea creatures.”

Our processes and systems support us in providing full traceability of your cephalopods products, giving you and your customers the utmost confidence in the delivered product.

The Cephalopod Species we fish, process and distribute include Squid and Octopus.

Names for our Cephalopods include:

Latin Name English Name
Loligo vulgaris European squid
Octopus vulgaris Common octopus
Nom latin Nom français
Loligo vulgaris Encornet, Calmar
Octopus vulgaris Pieuvre, Poulpe
Nombre latino Nombre español
Loligo vulgaris Calamar
Octopus vulgaris Pulpo común
Nom Latin Nom Local
Loligo vulgaris Mourgate
Octopus vulgaris Ourite


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