Processing Your Products

“Our processes and systems support us in providing full traceability of your products, giving you and your customers the utmost confidence in the delivered product.”

The secret to providing the highest quality seafood is the speed of the entire supply chain. We pride ourselves on the speed of our processing from ocean catch to packaging. And with plans underway to build a new processing plant our operation can only improve.

Our processing of your products starts at sea …



Our onboard handling practices ensure that the quality of your product is maintained and ensures

“an excellent “just-caught” flavour when eaten.”

traceabilityTraceability of your product starts as soon as the catch is landed, with the catch details being recorded and processed through a sophisticated system.

The fish are caught and brought on board the vessel while they are still alive. The processing undertaken on board the vessel will depend on the best method for the specific catch in order to maintain the highest quality of the product. Prawns and Lobsters are kept alive in recycling tanks. Most other fish are quickly chilled to about 3 deg C in a slurry ice tank. Some fish require special processing to maintain the best quality. For example Tuna is chilled to about 3 degrees C in a slurry ice tank, humanely spiked in the brain, bled, gutted and cleaned and then transferred into holding boxes under ice. This process is important to achieve top quality, sashimi grade, Tuna.

“Most catches are gilled and gutted at sea.”

Our fishing vessels are fully air-conditioned and have cold stores kept at 3 to 5 degrees and the fish are stored in a cold storage hatch in slurry ice boxes before being transferred to shore.

The vessels return to shore at night-time when outside temperatures are at their coolest. The seafood temperature is maintained while it is transferred to our shore processing plant to ensure the cold-chain is not broken and the highest quality is maintained.


Our shore factory handling practices are as robust as our onboard handling practices to ensure that the quality of your product is maintained. The speed and practices we adopt ensures that

“you receive the highest quality product possible at all times.”

As we continue to expand and strive to improve our operation to deliver uncompromising quality sustainable tropical seafood to you, the development of our new state of the art shore factory marks a significant step in our operational plan.

The process in our current shore factory takes approximately 2 hours and the fish is chilled/frozen pre-rigor which

“ensures superior quality and freshness of the product delivered to you.”

Our shore factory is fully air-conditioned and the temperature in the processing rooms is maintained at 8 degrees C. With 2 distinct areas for processing every step of the process is traced to ensure you have the utmost confidence in the product. The catch is cleaned, skinned and scaled in our ‘Dirty’ room before moving into our ‘Clean’ room for slicing, filleting and packaging. All chilled products are suitably vacuum packed and stored in ice boxes in our chill room, ready to go. Frozen products are blast frozen and stored in appropriate cold storage where the temperature is maintained between -18 deg C and -40 deg C.

Seafood Products


All our efforts are focused on delivering to you, our customer, premium quality tropical seafood

“with environmentally friendly sustainable fishing and full traceability from ocean to plate.”

We fish, process and distribute tropical fresh fish and seafood products from the pelagic, demersal, cephalopods and crustacean species.

“Our value enhancing processing can deliver you a range of species specific products …”

such as steaks, loins, fillets, whole & half-fish for pelagic and demersal species. Full details of products can be viewed under the specific species.


ministry of fisheriesWe fully comply with the appropriate national and international legislation and treaties. In particular, the Fishing and Marine Resources Act of Mauritius and its respective amendments. Our fishing vessels are licenced by the Ministry of Fisheries. Our fishing is monitored by the VMS system for the recording and auditing of fishing quotas.

“Our vessels and our processing plant are working towards full compliance with the HACCP, FDA and EU certification.”

Our fishing grounds of more than 1.9 million square kms extend from the coast of the Island of Mauritius, Rodrigues, St Brandon (Caragados Carajos Shoals), Agalega, Tromelin. In addition we can fish 350,000 square kms on the Saya de Malha bank. We also have the possibility to fish in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Seychelles.

“We fish in accordance to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) guidelines.”

Working in partnership with a small team of high-profile scientists, who are EU and UK experts in the field of fishing management and monitoring, we constantly strive to find innovative solutions to protect our fishing environment and maintain our fisheries.


“Now cast your eyes over the way your catch is distributed to ensure that you always receive premium quality tropical seafood from JLR Fisheries.”

When you’ve done that, contact us to find out how JLR Fisheries can support you in delivering the highest quality sustainable seafood to you and your customers.


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