“Environmentally friendly sustainable fishing with full traceability from ocean to plate”.

This is what JLR Fisheries is all about. Since 1848 the Raffaut family has fished the pristine waters around Rodrigues Island, in the Indian Ocean.  Since that time many things have changed, however, the philosophy of our business holds as true today as it did over 150 years ago, which is, to deliver the highest quality seafood to a person’s plate in a sustainable manner.

“Respect for the ocean, the fish and the people”

The fish didn’t have to travel too far from ocean to plate in those days. Our forefathers relied on the ocean for their daily sustenance and understood the need to care for their environment, the fish stock and people. They respected the ocean, the fish and the people and we carry on that tradition today and into the future. It is this respect that has been passed down the generations and remains at the foundation of all we do at JLR Fisheries.

“Pioneering innovative ideas with ground breaking systems and technology”

In the fast paced global economy we live in, the fish we catch today, in the Indian Ocean, can grace the plates in dining rooms all around the world within 24 hours. Developing pioneering innovative ideas to  consistently deliver premium quality seafood in a sustainable manner, the Raffaut family has led the fishing industry in this region. This combined with leveraging ground breaking systems and technology has enabled the company to grow from supporting the needs of our local islands to supporting the growing global demand for premium quality seafood.

“Now cast your eyes over at what makes JLR Fisheries the first choice for premium Quality Tropical Seafood.”

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